Graduation Ceremony – Class of 2023 - International School of Choueifat - Muscat

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Graduation Ceremony – Class of 2023

Every year, anticipation fills the air as we eagerly await the grand spectacle of the graduation ceremony. It's a momentous occasion filled with pride, nostalgia, and cherished memories. This year, on the 9th of June, the senior class of 2023 bid farewell to their High School journey in a truly unforgettable way.

As the event kicked off, the senior students emerged, greeted by thunderous applause from their loved ones. It was a spectacular beginning to an extraordinary day, a day that would forever be imprinted in their hearts. Following the National Anthem, in his captivating speech, Mr. Armen Mansourian extended a warm welcome to all attendees and expressed his utmost admiration for the graduating class. He urged them to persistently pursue their dreams and aspire to even greater accomplishments.

With profound insight, Mr. Victor Saad, SABIS® Vice President, shed light on the pressing challenges and crises our planet faces today. He passionately implored the graduates to demonstrate strong determination and exert their efforts to overcome these obstacles, armed with knowledge and perseverance.

The occasion advanced through uplifting speeches given by our accomplished alumni, Al Julanda Al-Busaidi and Sara Al-Shirawi, who emphasized the significant role of our school in equipping, enhancing, and cultivating successful individuals and future citizens.

The atmosphere was charged with emotion as a short video beautifully captured the essence of the seniors' journey—a year that was filled with challenges, yet ultimately rewarding. The students were transported back in time, cherishing and reflecting upon their academic years. Amidst tears of joy, conversations buzzed with tales of memorable trips and shared experiences. The event progressed as the Head of the Student Life Organization (SLO), Mahran Al Bulushi, and our esteemed school prefect, Maya Al Qasmi, took their turn at the podium where they stressed on the important role of the SLO in shaping students’ personalities and learning skills, and contributing to making the school a better environment.

In a powerful and emotional moment, the graduates tossed their caps high, symbolizing years of hard work and dreams for the future. As the caps descended, cheers erupted, signifying their readiness to embark on new horizons.

We wish our graduates the best of luck in their future endeavors. The world awaits their boundless potential and the positive impact they will undoubtedly leave on their way.

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