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SABIS® Students Shine Bright at Mega Talent & Creativity Competition!

On April 19 and 20, SABIS® students from around the world gathered at The International School of Choueifat – Muscat for SABIS® STARS 2024! This biennial, global contest welcomes students from SABIS® schools to meet and compete in ten categories that are designed to challenge them beyond academics and showcase their talent and creativity. The categories were: Singing, Debate, Public Speaking, Poetry, Science, Painting, Advertising, Photography, Creative Writing, and Our World, Our Concern.

Since its very first edition, in 2009, SABIS® STARS has witnessed an increasing number of participating schools and countries from the SABIS® Network, which is no surprise as it is the ideal platform for students to display their talent and take their interest in the different categories to a new level. This year’s event welcomed around 500 students from 36 SABIS® schools in Brazil, the U.S., Germany, Kenya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., China, and more.

The event took place over two days as students poured their talent into their work to be named winners at the SABIS® STARS 2024 live show. Hosted by Virgin Radio Oman presenters Ali Haider and Hawraa Al-Balushi, the show was a truly memorable experience for competing students, chaperones, staff, and VIP guests and judges.

The show featured beautiful performances by ISC-Muscat students and gave student competitors one last chance to present their projects or talents before the audience and judges. Students rose to the challenge and competition was fierce as they took the stage ready to bring home a trophy, leaving judges with the difficult decision to name just one winner.

Once the judges made their decision unanimously, the results were announced and the winners included 13 students from SABIS® schools in the U.A.E., Kenya, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. These winners were invited back on stage for one more moment to shine and receive their trophies as the official stars of 2024.

The magic did not end there! In a turn of events, honorable guest, Sayyid Khalid bin Hammad Al-Busaidi, offered to sponsor the singing category winner from Lebanon in the production of her first song—a first in SABIS® STARS history!

Speaking with SABIS® Vice President, Victor Saad, on the event, he shared:

SABIS® STARS 2024 was a thrilling, memorable competition! Originally, the intention of SABIS® STARS has always been to showcase our expanding talent pool from across the globe in innovative ways, but what I witnessed over the past two days has surpassed all my expectations. This is no longer just a platform for talent, it is a hub for creativity, teamwork, problem-solving, diversity, friendship, communication, confidence, and resilience. I am so proud of each one of our students for their achievements. Not a single student has left emptyhanded from this experience, they are all going home with a treasure of memories and skills, as am I.”

The next SABIS® STARS is set to take place in 2026! To watch highlights from the event and stay tuned to updates and news, follow them on Facebook (/SABISSTARS) and Instagram(@sabis_stars) or visit

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