Regional Tournament 1617 - International School of Choueifat - Muscat

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Regional Tournament 1617

SABIS® is a community that allows students from across the globe to interact and learn from each other. The biennial Regional Tournament is a great example of SABIS’s many outlets for creating unity and a safe space to enhance one’s school experience. Luckily, this year, ISC Muscat was chosen as the location for the 11th SABIS regional tournament. We were honored to host an event that holds such importance in the hearts of SABIS students and staff.

            As soon as the competitors crossed the gates of ISC-Muscat the school was lit by the inspiring smiles and cheers prompting what was to be an exciting three days.

            The opening ceremony, held on Thursday 20th April, was a success to say the least, with beautiful speeches from Mr. Victor Saad, Mr. Armen Mansourian, Mrs. Fatima Al Noorani. The Royal Oman Cavalry, followed by the band, put on a mesmerizing show for the guests as well as His Highness Mr. Taimoor Al Said. Finally to close this beautiful ceremony, our very own students put on an earth shattering show representing the sports events: basketball, swimming, football and athletics as the four elements, namely, fire, water, air and earth as well as Oman.

            With so many participants, the competition was fierce. Spread over three intense days of sprinting, swimming and continuous scoring. Between games, participants and viewers relaxed under the shade, surrounded by stalls selling ice cream, pizza and juices.

            Once all the games came to an end it was time for the closing ceremony. Trophies and Medals were awarded to first, second, and third place winners. Not only that but two of our very own students broke SABIS records!

            Although we were sad to see the teams, who become our friends over these three days, leave, the great moments we experienced and the promise of seeing them in two years made it all worthwhile. 

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