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The 13th SABIS® Global Sports Tournament

The 13th SABIS® Global Sports Tournament (GST) was held from April 28-30, 2023 in Sharjah and Ajman, U.A.E. This biennial event brings together students from across the SABIS® Network to compete in four sports categories: swimming, basketball, football, and track & field. This year, the tournament included close to 1,000 students representing 30 schools from 15 countries, including Brazil and China.

The competitions were challenging and friendly, and contestants showed high levels of competence and athleticism. Several students from ISC-Muscat, including Buthaina Taimur Al Said, Azza Rashid Al Hinai, Youssof Mahmoud Abdelmotelb, Zuweina Hamood Al Aisari, and Shuya Zhang brought home gold, silver, and bronze medals, with Anas Emam receiving the Golden Boot award for his stellar performance in football.

The tournament is not only a sports event but also an opportunity for students to embrace diversity, form friendships, and gain valuable life skills such as sportsmanship, leadership, and collaboration.

ISC-Muscat is proud of its team and looks forward to participating in the next SABIS® Global Sports Tournament.

Check out photos of our students at SABIS® GST here.

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